Meeting your advertising needs

Meeting your advertising needs

Interested in placing an advertisement with AdOhio? We are the state’s largest newspaper media ad placement service, with more than 400 newspapers and local websites.
Our ad networks save time, money

Our ad networks save time, money

We have aggregated hundreds of community newspapers and local news websites into convenient network programs, saving advertisers time and money.
Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information

To learn more about what AdOhio can do for you, contact one of our experienced representatives. No one knows Ohio advertising better than AdOhio.



NAA "black Friday" ads and resources now available

Local shoppers want to know where to find the best deals on Black Friday – and they are turning to your newspaper for that information. In fact, 63 percent of Americans rate local newspaper ads as the most effective way to plan their Black Friday shopping, according to Nielsen.


Valassis special postage deal goes out with a whimper

The long struggle between the newspaper industry and Valassis Inc., over the direct mail company’s special postage discounts from the U.S. Postal Service appears to have ended with a whimper.


To fight ad blocking, build better ads

Free content isn’t free; it’s subsidized by advertisers, who want to get their messages in front of users. But increasingly, users say, they’re the ones paying for the ads: with their privacy, their patience, and their mobile bandwidth.

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