Bellefontaine Examiner TestimonialDistribution Services

Through the years, AdOhio has built long-lasting relationships with key commercial print companies throughout the nation. Due to the number and variety of print contacts, we are able to formulate print specs, regardless of quantities, size, and paper stock and forward to multiple vendors, guaranteeing highly competitive print quotations. Our clients come to us with a print idea and then work with us to handle all of the time-consuming, tedious tasks involved with the individual print order(s). Clients/advertising agencies pass the “busy work” on to our operation. We, in turn, represent our client(s) through the print process.

Offers include:

  • Establishing print specifications
  • Selection of print operations best suited for the job
  • Request for bid
  • Overseeing fulfillment of print job
  • Delivery of job to various distribution centers and/or newspaper production venues
  • Placement of distribution via newspaper, direct mail, etc.
  • Coordinate one-order, one itemized invoice, and disbursement of funds to printer and distributor