Why should I advertise in the newspaper instead of through TV or radio?
The newspaper is not a dying industry, despite what you may have heard. Newspapers continue to reach a vast audience, estimating 2.5 readers for every newspaper copy, according to the National Newspaper Association. When you factor digital advertising in newspaper websites, you can reach an even wider range of readers.

An Ohio advertiser reaches more people through newspapers than through TV and radio. In five Ohio designated market areas (Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton), a week's worth of newspaper ads reached a larger audience than prime time TV spots or top-rated morning drive radio spots (to access our DMA data sheet, click here). When it comes to reaching the widest audience you can in Ohio, newspapers are the ideal medium in the media.

Are there any restrictions as to what I can and can’t advertise?
The Ohio News Media Association created a user's guide, “Common Issues in Ohio Advertising,” which can be used as a reference point for any questions members may have regarding the law. A PDF version of this guide can be accessed on the ONA’s “Members Only Resources” webpage

What is a 2x2, 2x4, and 3x5 display advertisement?
All newspapers are divided into columns. Most newspapers are six columns across and 19-21.5 inches deep if it is a standard size newspaper page (called a broadsheet page). There are also tabloid and mega-tabloid newspapers. Tabloid newspapers can be approximately 10-12 inches wide and can range from 10-15 inches in depth. When a newspaper quotes a display advertisement as a 2x2, 2x4, or even a 3x5, they are telling you that the size of the ad will be 1-6  columns in width (the first number) and 1-21.5 inches deep. Rates are based on an amount for each column inch (width times depth). For example, a 2 column by 4 inch deep display ad would be a total of 8 column inches times the quoted per column inch rate. A quoted rate of $10 pci (per column inch) for the total of 8 column inches (2x4) would be $80, or 8 column inches time $10 for each column inch. AdOhio can quote customized display sizes, OR a client can select a group of newspapers through our pre-determined “network” roster and place advertising in established sizes of 2x2, 2x4, and 3x5.

My newspaper sales rep is always talking about FSI; what is an FSI?
FSI stands for free standing insert. These are the circulars/inserts that come with your newspaper. The greatest number of newspaper FSIs are printed by a commercial printer and then shipped to the individual newspapers to be inserted into specific days of the week. AdOhio has the ability to order FSI placement in any publication in Ohio, as well as throughout the U.S. We can place already-printed items, and we also offer printing services. All FSIs (insert-only and print/deliver projects) are quoted on a “cost per 1,000.” That means if a newspaper has a distribution amount of 100,000 total copies, and the quoted CPM (cost per 1,000) rate is $50, the actual cost would be $5,000.

In digital advertising, what is meant by ‘Programmatic’ placement/advertising?Programmatic placement is any online (digital) display advertising transacted automatically as opposed to being a manual insertion order. A client can select specific websites and list exact dates and quantities for the digital advertisement to be placed; this would be a manual insertion order and would not be considered programmatic. However, an order that becomes automatic as a result of the web visitor’s profile (demographic; contextual -- articles read/words clicked; other sites visited; other ads clicked, etc.) would be determined programmatic.