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Sue Bazzoli

Manager of Administrative Services

Sue’s duties include registration for all seminars and conferences, finances, and account management for ONMA, the Foundation and The Ohio Coalition for Open Government. She also assists the executive director with membership inquiries, membership applications and meetings of the board of trustees. Sue was previously employed by Davon/Patton Investment Holdings, Central Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center, and Holbrook, Manter & Rogers. She earned a B.S. degree in human ecology from Ohio State University. Contact Sue for:

  • Training & Seminar Program
  • ONMA Membership Information
  • Convention Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Convention Committee
  • Weekly Newspaper Committee
  • Ohio Circulation Commitee
  • Ohio Newspapers In Education
  • Hooper and Collegiate Newspaper Competition
  • Invoices & Account Management
  • Annual Dues
  • Human Resources


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