Legal Hotline

One of the services available to ONMA members is the “Legal Hotline.” The hotline is staffed by attorneys at the Faruki PLL in Dayton. It is maintained through a retainer paid by The Ohio News Media Association.

Employees of any “Active Member” in good standing with ONMA may use the Legal Hotline. Inquiries may relate to any aspect of newspaper publishing which may include advertising, circulation, editorial, libel law, copyright, personnel & labor law, taxation, freedom of information and general management issues. Inquiries may involve a general reference to the state or federal law that applies or guidance regarding a specific local situation.

Here’s How The Hotline Works

1. Contact the ONMA office first (by phone, fax or e-mail as listed below). Many times a legal question can be answered by referring to guidebooks and other reference sources maintained here or by drawing upon similar circumstances encountered by other ONMA members.

2. If your question or local issue is best handled by an attorney you will be given the direct phone number to the Faruki PLL law firm. The central referral is through the office of Erin E. Rhinehart. If you need immediate assistance and Rhinehart is not available you will be referred to another appropriate attorney.

3. When you call Faruki PLL state very clearly that you are calling as an ONMA member and using the hotline service. Try to have a clear and concise listing of the facts involved in your local situation.

4. If your inquiry is general and involves no more than one hour of legal staff time, your inquiry will be included in the normal retainer paid by ONMA. This will be clarified for you by the attorney handling your call.

5. If your inquiry requires additional time or legal resources you will be so advised and given the option of having a Faruki PLL attorney handle your case according to fees paid by you.

Faruki PLL

Erin E. Rhinehart is co-managing partner of Faruki PLL. Erin frequently defends class action litigation in state and federal court, with a focus on consumer, health care, mass tort, and environmental issues; and, assists clients as they navigate a variety of contract (licensing, distribution, master services agreements, franchise agreements, non-compete, entertainment, non-disclosure, and non-disparagement agreements) and employment issues. Erin also leads the firm’s media and communications practice (First Amendment, defamation, anonymous speech, public records, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, open courts, advertising law, social media, and certain privacy issues). She regularly represents clients in the following industries: health care, data analytics and technology, consumer products, education, logistics, and material handling.

Erin Rhinehart also serves as general counsel to the Ohio News Media Association.