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ONMA members: Back the ‘Ohio Citizen Participation Act’

Several years ago, Ken Douthit, the publisher of the Chagrin Valley Times, had a big problem: He was fighting a libel suit that would cost him and his insurance company more than six figures. The giant Murray Energy Co. sued the paper over coverage, commentary and editorial cartoons following citizen protests. Murray also sued citizens who might have been bankrupted if not for their homeowners’ insurance.


Michelle Widner joins ONMA as administrative assistant

Michelle Widner has joined the Ohio New Media Association as our new part-time administrative assistant following the retirement of Ann Riggs.


Reminder that Judicial Votes Count is a resource for both reporters and the public

This year's election will determine 108 municipal judge seats across Ohio. To help both reporters and voters learn about these candidates, the Judicial Votes Count website has been updated with information on all these elections.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: Newspapers reach customers social media often misses

A Kansas publisher e-mailed me last month seeking information on how to respond to businesses who say they’ve “placed their sale or event on Facebook so they don’t need a newspaper ad.” The businesses think, the publisher said, that “the Facebook posting is essentially free and generates some response without any cost to them.”


Video describes how Plain Dealer became first paper to publish My Lai massacre photos

In an unprecedented move in 1969, The Plain Dealer published gruesome photos documenting the My Lai massacre which featured the dead bodies of men, women and children killed in an attack in Vietnam by American troops.


Join ProPublica’s new project to work with local newsrooms

Earlier this year, we launched ProPublica Illinois, an initiative we hope to replicate in additional states in the coming years. Today, we’re announcing another part of our push: the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.


NC legislature attempts backdoor bill to remove public notices from papers

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: Someone wants to build a factory in your neighborhood, a change that would bring noise, pollution and heavy truck traffic. Your local government has to hold a public hearing and OK the proposal first, but that's already happened before you even heard about it.


Former AIM Media Midwest director Jesse Mullen becomes publisher of Washington paper

A print and digital media executive, Jesse Mullen, is the new publisher of the Statesman-Examiner as of Oct. 2.


Former Lima News editor, columnist Diane Pacetti dies

Former managing editor of The Lima News, Diane Pacetti, died Monday in Lima. She was 66.


If ads don't work, can publishers strike subscription gold?

Scroll is part of a growing class of venture-backed companies that see subscriptions as a way to absolve the internet of its original sin, advertising.

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